High Stakes Poker, Not Just a GSN Show, Paris Hilton Loses Bentley

Most poker enthusiasts have heard of the show known as High Stakes Poker which is broadcast on GSN, a popular cable network. But what people fail to realize is that television isn’t the only place where high stakes poker games can be watched or played.

High stakes poker games are all over the internet these days. Online poker players participate in games ranging from $0.01/$0.02 all the way up to $100/$200 No Limit ($10,000 max buy-in).

There are even some sites that spread the cards to games where the stakes are $1000/$2000, although these games are usually privately held. Knowing this, it’s astonishing to hear that there actually are people who have lost over $100,000 in a single hand of poker via a high stakes online poker room.

A high stakes poker player, Terry Elman, lost more money than many people could handle. Mr. Elman made the following statement, “I lost everything that I had. I lost the house, three cars, children’s college fund, and eventually I couldn’t borrow any more and I became a criminal. Actually I’m a seven-time convicted felon and I’ve gone to prison.”

So as you can see, there are dangers associated with playing high stakes poker, whether it be on the internet or not. But, just like the stock market, people generally know the risks in which they are running into, and still choose to participate. There are players who win and players who lose, we just hope that people can realize how widespread high stakes poker games actually are.

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