Online Poker Site Puts Up $200, Free Advertising for SEO Contest

A new idea unveiled by a popular online poker site involves the awarding of prizes to participants of up to $200 in cash and free advertising at, an online poker site that caters to Mac users. It’s called an “SEO Contest” and the goal of the contest is to have webmasters compete against each other in order to gain a top position for the key term “mpopoker online poker” in Google.

“We are highly involved in SEO related marketing techniques and we wanted to see what we were up against. Our competitors can not only prove their skills to others, but win some money and free advertising as well,” stated’s webmaster.

“We hope to have quite a few online poker and online casino webmasters competing against each other for the top prize of $200, but some have said that the real prizes are 2nd and 3rd place, which is 3 months of free advertising on the site.”

Free advertising certainly is valuable on this site. The regular fees for advertisers are between $50 and $200 per month. Of course, if somebody does happen to “be on the bubble” they’ll win a Full Tilt Poker hat and shirt. Not many contests pay 4th place, but apparently Mac Poker Online does. What Mac Poker Online doesn’t do is award prizes to those who use dishonest means in order to promote their site, such as blog spamming or other black hat SEO means.

At this point in time, there are several sites competing for the prizes. “Somebody went as far as registering in order to trick Google into thinking that the site is the most relevant site for the search term,” commented the webmaster. “It will be fun to see just who wins this one.”

The SEO contest details can be found at and you can find answers to any questions that you may have there. To all of you webmasters who plan on winning, good luck and may the Google force be with you!


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