Rakeback is Setting Online Poker Rooms Apart from Land-based Casinos in the Players’ Minds

(PRWEB) June 15, 2006 — There is an often debated and much discussed new phenomenon happening in the online poker world. Many top internet poker rooms have stepped up the old Las Vegas concept of “player comps” by giving away a percentage of their own take and profits through rakeback like http://www.pokerraking.com When a player signs up to play poker online they have the option of either make a deposit to play cards with real players for real money or choose to play with free chips and allow themselves to become familiar with the game.

These two options for gaming are the standard for a majority of all online poker rooms. The introduction of rakeback is something new to many new poker rooms and certainly is a major deciding factor for many new players looking to make a deposit.

Before the rakeback offers began to make their way around the internet poker rooms used several methods to reward players for their loyalty. The first and most basic was the deposit bonus given by all poker rooms.

Unlike playing poker at a casino players were given extra chips based on the amount of their deposit and the hands they played. Online poker deposits are released upon a players ‘raked hand’ and dollar amount played with. In addition to this bonus there we often times freeroll tournaments added for players who qualified. The tournaments were set a zero entry cost but had a real money prize pool for the top finishers.

Poker rooms would host these tournaments in order to both allow players to preview the poker room software and reward existing players with a cash game free to them. While these offers were very generous and exceeded what land based casinos were doing the competition for players prevailed and poker rooms looked for new ways to attract and reward new members.

The next phase in online player rewards is rakeback. As explained earlier this is the process where a player receives a portion of their contributed rake (the amount of the pool the poker room keeps from each hand) back at the months end.

The normal amount given is a medium of 25%. However some poker rooms have partnered with poker affiliates and offered as high as 30%. Online poker room http://www.CelebPoker.com is running a promotion through the site http://www.pokerraking.com and offering their players the top percentage available. The chart displayed on their site shows how quickly this rake back can add up. The amount of money received back is allowing players to start their next months bankroll with cash never available to them before.

Of all the incentives given to online poker players rakeback seems to be the most lucrative offer a new player is rewarded with. When looking for a poker room to make your next deposit at please keep in mind the amount of rake you are contributing and how much of your bankroll you could be missing out on. For more information http://www.pokerraking.com